ORID is an acronym for Objective, Reflective, Interpretational and Decisional.

ORID Method in Retro

Yet another pattern in retrospective meeting - ORID


Start with " The fact is … /The data shows… etc." to state the fact in the last sprint

No item limited

Limited in three minutes


Start with “I am happy, because …/I feel sad, because …” according the fact in the previous step written by yours and others.

Limited in three minutes


Start with “My opinion is …“according the fact in previous two steps

Limited in three minutes

List the opitions we can achieve


Based on the opinions in Step Interpretational, vote on three objectives in Step Objective to follow up, three votes each person

Discuss the “DoD” of each item voted.

Discuss Who is the owner

“Is is SMART ?": A good follow-up plan should align the “SMART”

SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound

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Yet another example of ORID approach

In honor of Steve McConnell,the author of “Code Complete 2",the second


THRASYMACHUS A green, theoretical purist who believes everything he reads

CALLICLES A battle-hardened veteran from the old school—a “real” programmer

GLAUCON A young, confident, hot-shot computer jock

ISMENE A senior programmer tired of big promises, just looking for a few practices that work

SOCRATES The wise old programmer




GLAUCON: “How many items can I write in this step?”

SOCRATES: “There is no limit, Glaucon.”

THRASYMACHUS: “Is there any restriction on the Objective?”

SOCRATES: “Just state the fact you care in the last sprint.”


ISMENE: “It seems that we are discussing about the room that we can improve, but is it valuable to share our happiness in this step? Maybe … I think … huh … I feel relax in this sprint without unhappiness.”

SOCRATES: “What do you think about that, Thrasymachus?”

THRASYMACHUS: “Theoretically, happiness is the greate power to influence the people and motivate them.”

GLAUCON: “I agree with that, Thrasymachus. Why should we stay in a team always strugles in trouble, we are in the team with great teamwork and can breakthrough everything.”

CALLICLES: “Seriously speaking, we should have room to improve, but I extoll the kind of happiness that comes from a pursuit, the pursuit of climing the higher mountain.”


The ORID Method (Objective, Reflective, Interpretive and Decisional)


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